Using The Client Portal

What is a Secure Client Portal?

Simply, it is a remote document management system that enables taxpayers to connect their documents and data with their tax preparer; remotely, securely, from anywhere. My clients have successfully been using “Link” for over five years and appreciate the convenience it provides them at tax time.

Why use a Secure Client Portal ?

Convenient: Submitting your tax documents is as easy as taking a picture with your phone, tablet or computer. No more office visits to “watch” your tax preparer copy your documents and prepare your return. Your time stays your time.

Thorough: A tax “questionnaire”, specific to the previous year's tax return, is provided to identify the base information necessary to prepare your current year tax return. Any changes to your tax situation can be updated through the portal.

Secure: Link provides a secure 256 bit encrypted location for the collection of client tax data.Your data is safe. The brief video below demonstrates the ease of using "Link".



Want to get started? Just send me an email and I'll send you an invitation to join “Link”. It's that easy! If you're still unsure if the portal is right for you, call me and I'll be happy to address whatever concerns you may have or discuss alternatives that are more convenient for you.